The GRASSP is currently being used worldwide in 9 countries and in multiple SCI centres.

Licensing and use of the GRASSP is governed by a tiered licensing system. All levels of use whether clinical, academic or industry driven require a licensing agreement. However, only for industry (sponsor driven) and for-profit clinical settings is a fee plus a customized licensing agreement required.

Our three tiered licensing system has the following categories:

1. Clinical/Academic/Investigator Driven Trials
2. Industry, Sponsor Driven Trials
3. Clinical Private/For-profit Organizations

GRASSP Version 2
The Graded Redefined Assessment
of Strength, Sensibility
and Prehension

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If you are an academic, clinician, researcher or student and are considering use of the GRASSP in an investigator driven study, proceed to the purchase page, complete the licensing agreement and proceed to the shopping cart. If you simply have questions or queries please send us a message:

For industry and sponsor driven research, please communicate with the

UHN Technology & Transfer Business Office by contacting:

Rahbar Rahimpour, PhD, MBA

Senior Business Development and Commercialization Officer
University Health Network
101 College Street, Suite 150
Toronto, ON M5G 1L7
Tel: 416-578-2659
Fax: 416-977-4765

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