Armin Curt

Clinical Trial Unit

Armin Curt

(Zurich, Switzerland)

University of Zurich
University Hospital Balgrist

Prof. Med Armin Curt undertook medical studies in his home town, qualifying as a neurologist in 1993. Since then he has specialised in research on paraplegia at the Balgrist University Hospital, except for a four year period spent in Vancouver where he held the Chair as full Professor at the University of British Columbia from 2005 to 2009. In 2009, he succeeded Volker Dietz as Medical Director and Head of the Paraplegic Centre at the Balgrist University Hospital where he also took up once again his Chair as a lecturer in paraplegics. In his field, Armin Curt is remarkable for his ability to evolve between fundamental and clinical research. He attaches great importance to clinical research, ensuring that it properly provides new learning. He is currently the lead of the European Multi-Center Study for SCI and is the Primary Investigator of the NISCI Trial.

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