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The GRASSP is a clinical impairment measure for the upper limb for use after tetraplegia. The measure includes three domains which are important in describing hand function. The three domains are: strength, sensibility, and prehension.

Purpose Of The Measure

The overall objective for the assembly of the GRASSP was to develop a clinical research tool that could capture information on hand impairment from the cervical (C0-T1) spinal cord injury (SCI) population, obtain integrated sensory and motor impairment data, and discriminate the population according to the level of lesion.

The purpose of this project was to design a hand impairment tool:

1) that was highly responsive (sensitive) to change over time;
2) that could assess the extent of spontaneous (natural) recovery; and
3) be applicable for use in clinical trials to evaluate the effect of novel interventions (pharmacological and surgical). The GRASSP is recommended for use in the very early acute phases out to approximately one year post tetraplegia. Use of the GRASSP is recommended when a change in neurological status is being assessed.

GRASSP development has been a staged process with a number of different research groups and funding agencies involved.

For information regarding development click on the GRASSP Development menu item.
The GRASSP Version 1.0 is now available and can be purchased through this website.

The GRASSP measure is for use by clinicians in the clinical setting as a clinical outcome measure, researchers in the clinical/research setting as a primary or secondary outcome measure, and academics who are involved in investigator driven research.

The developers and funding agencies that have supported the GRASSP would like to promote widespread use of the GRASSP in both clinical and research settings. If you are interested in purchasing a GRASSP Version 1.0 Kit please go to the Purchase GRASSP menu item.

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